MOM and MOE policies out of sync?

Recently my friends elder brother graduated from university and he got hired by a Singapore company. Sadly, as he is a foreigner, MOM has to approve his employment pass before he could officially work here.

His company has also kindly agreed to wait until the proper approval is given, but MOM kept rejecting his application. Even a letter from the MP couldnt help.

Now, he studied in university paying the same fees that we Singaporeans do. Hence he actually had the same MOE tuition grant as us. The only difference is that he has to work in Singapore for 3 years, something like a bond.

I think this is absurd. You subsidise his education, but you do not allow him to work in Singapore. The guy has got a job offer, and the employer actually waited until they decided not to hire him anymore. Why deny him a chance to work here? I rather we not subsidise his education in the first place. MOM told him to go back to his country and work for a Singapore company.

Are the policies of MOM and MOE out of sync? If we want to tighten our intake of foreigners in our workforce, then dont give out so many subsidies! Whats the point of subsidizing and then not allowing him to do his duty in the contract? Its not as if no Singapore company wants to hire him here.

Bleah. Why not subsidise my MBA instead? I would continue to work here. Isnt it better?

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