NJ Clique’s Birthday Outing

Yesterday was the 7th of July, a special double pair of 7s. It’s not special because it’s exactly one month after my own birthday, but it’s Jia Hao’s birthday, and this is the first time we organized an outing on his birthday.

Usually we just meet up whenever we can and our birthdays are usually sad affairs, so it’s a nice refreshing change this year. Plus Jiahao was there for my birthday in 2008, and I thought it would be good to go out in his too.

So Wai Kit and I agreed to go to Jia Hao’s house (with his consent of course) to check out his new PS3 which is configured into his 24 inch monitor. Prior to that, Jia Hao and Wai Kit did some intensive research on the fares. I could have taken 154 from my house to Jia Hao’s house, but I didn’t. Instead I took the MRT to Clementi and waited for 154. It was the same 154 that went pass me at my house, so I didn’t save on time but I did save on money. And less time going round and round making myself giddy.

It had been a long time since we went to Jia Hao’s house. I forgot when was the last time I went, but many things changed, I suppose. For one, I know Jia Hao’s room changed. I didn’t recall it to be like this the other time. The furniture and stuff.

We played SF4 and as usual I got trashed badly. I’m not a gamer and hence I don’t get exposed to these games often. Even when I try memorising those 1/4 back + 1/4 back + kick moves, I still epic-ly failed. We then went on to a racing game, which I chui-ed again. Driving using a PS3 controller is very different, and the amount of brake to put for a turn is very different when the car is moving at say 200kmh. But it was a fun experience, although the car in sand situation happened a little too much for my liking.

And I got to check out Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3. And Jia Hao summoned all the summons for us to check out the graphics. I quite miss Final Fantasy games. FF8 was my last game as the rest moved on to be solely on the gaming console instead of having the game compatible with the PC. So I missed out on a lot, and RPG is like the only type of game I would play. I wonder if I would end up getting a console when I start working?

Anyway the highlight was going to Din Tai Feng cause Jia Hao didn’t eat Xiao Long Baos from DTF or Crystal Jade before. So we took a bus down 3 stops to Novena and then mrt down to Orchard. Supposedly cheaper!

The 3 of us met Dom there because he was working in his internship. We just ordered noodles (Jia Hao ordered rice) and then xiao long baos and the shrimp dumpling. We weren’t very full so we had to find somewhere else to go. As usual, the 4 guys cannot decide because no one wanted to.

We ended up at Scape’s McDonalds eating Ice Cream and fries/nuggets. Nuggets are damn expensive. $4.10 for 6 pieces. Like a con job imo. Will never eat 6 piece nuggets on its own anymore.

We walked on to PS, and went to the arcade. There’s only one 4 player game, and its the war game so we took on the rifles and went to war. Ironically Dom who is Pes E, was promoted to Staff SGT and he lasted till the end. The rest of us were killed.

And then we played Spot the Difference, which sucked because the machine’s monitor display sucked so bad that the lighting made it very hard to spot the difference.

Then we went home and called it a day, and watched World Cup and all slept emo-ly after being disappointed, and the earth cried as we switched off our lights and went to bed.

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