I’m Back!

Before any of you say “Hi Back”, I realized I hadn’t blogged since July 16th. The past 3 weeks had been a whole continuous stream of fun-filled fun (hmm..), with the first two weeks being in reservist and the last being in O week. I didn’t have much time during the weekends to do my own things, having to pack for the upcoming week and buy new stuff. Plus after I woke up from ICT I had to work on the Oweek stuff and then the Sunday is Oweek day 0!

Anyway just a quick update. ICT was 2 weeks and quite slack in a way that we have more time to rest, and that is good. It’s fun meeting up with the old specialists and talking nonsense and ordering supper plus going to the mess ever so frequently. ICT has shown me that my combat fitness really sucked and that I need to improve on it.

The Urban Ops training was fun, and as usual I had nothing to do. Fired the GPMG for the Urban Ops Live Firing. 250 rounds. 21, 1 ,2. Damn fun. I forgot the joys of firing the GPMG but then I found it again.

Company mission exercise was tough in a way that I wanted to just quit the walking but I couldn’t. Even if it is only about 6-8km in journey, the stupid first generation TES set made me feel like it weighed a hundred tons. Then it rained. The first generation specs remembered the 9 day Taiwan Ex Warrior (where it rained like 7-8 days) and the men and 2nd generation specs remembered Brunei. There was lightning too.

And we slacked for two days just waiting to out process from ICT.

O week was good. Not particularly great as compared with the last O week, but to give and take, it was still pretty smooth. The freshies were less wild compared to last year’s Delta OG. And this is the first time I’m working with my former freshie, Grace from last year’s OG. This is the last time I am able to contribute to Oweek, and it marks the 4th Oweek I have attended and the 3rd as a councillor.

Perhaps being the seniors of the group would mean you feel like the mama papa of the group. In a way you leave with much hopes and dreams for the future. In the process of the Oweek, you try to shape and build the group to be united and close, but sometimes it just does not happen the way you wanted it to be. I am very much afraid that the group would crumble after oweek end, and it is a little sad for me if it does happen. Still I wish most of them will keep in contact, and they will ask us seniors out along for outings. Hope to see them along in school soon, although I might be busy with FYP.

Although the freshies were less enthusiastic compared to last year, I must say that I enjoyed the oweek very much and the new friends I had made.


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