With Pride we lead, SISPEC

On my way home today, I saw that CyberPioneerTV has uploaded some videos about Basic Military Training (BMT) onto YouTube. Hence I took the opportunity to watch the first two videos, with the first being the theme buddy and the second being the IPPT taken during BMT. It brought me some chuckles and I smiled as I watched the videos. It sure brings back plenty of memories. The video is titled “Every Singaporean Son” if I remember correctly.

For one, I remember that I went to bathe before I headed down to Pulau Tekong for my enlistment on that fateful day in 2005. I remember crying as I felt so helpless because I have to head down to such a foreign place with nobody else but other enlistees. I had no idea what was in store for me other than what was written in the forums. That feeling of helplessness is not what anyone could ever imagine. You have to be in my situation to understand.

Thankfully I managed to adapt quite well although I sure missed my family during the weeks in BMT. I am glad that I completed my NS and became one of Singapore’s sons. It was a great learning experience that you will never get elsewhere. I am sure glad I ended up in SISPEC after BMT, and even though the going went tough, I did not quit.

With Pride We Lead, SISPEC!

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