Slight Updates

I realized I haven’t been updating this space as frequently as I should; Neither have I been uploading quality posts comprising of my opinions on things that are happening in our world. I’m back in school after a 7 month break, since I went on my Industrial Attachment. Although I did take modules in school, it just feels different. It feels great to be back in school, although it is a little sad that it is now my final year and I will soon depart for work.

The focus of a final year student is also different. Other than studying hard, we have to do our final year projects, and also focus on finding a job before graduation

I went for the Credit Suisse talk yesterday, and I quite liked the way I hear that they have a business school of their own to train us, so that we need not worry that we lack business background. Plus it seems like they have been traditionally hiring people from Business or Engineering, because the lady paused and asked “Which faculty did I miss out?”, conveniently forgetting School of Computing and Faculty of Science. Should I be pleased?

The two men that spoke were analyst hires of 2009, and both of them belong to engineering, one from mechanical and one from electrical. Plus the event was held in LT7A, our engineering LT. Does this mean something?

In the following weeks, there are more talks going on, with one next Monday being MAS’s. However MAS disappointed me as they said it’s by invitation only, but everyone could apply via the NUS Career Website! Gave me a false sense of happiness at being selected. Lol.

I am looking forward to talks by many different companies like OCBC, DBS, M.Lynch, Barclays etc. It would be an interesting experience listening to all the different companies talk about themselves and how we should join them.

It’s week two, and school is more or less settled and every week is just time to repeat the same cycle over and over again.

My Japanese lessons are also resuming on every Saturday, 1pm-4pm at Delphi Orchard. That’s my 5th “module” I suppose. Must study hard and not waste my money!

Recently I’m starting to feel happier and I haven’t been emo for some time. 🙂 I feel great and optimistic about life. 🙂

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