My first Jap lesson this year

Today marks the first Japanese language lesson I had this year. I had a whole one year gap since Yap Heng went for SEP and couldn’t continue. Due to plenty of weird reasons it got pushed pretty back till this August, and now I am taking it alone since Yap Heng is too busy to study for the placement test.

Hence I am studying the second of the four courses in the Intermediate series, and there will be 7 more lessons after this one. I find myself quite disengaged from the Japanese language, and the teacher is someone jovial and funny but he speaks Japanese pretty fast. Luckily I can make some sense of what he is trying to say.

Sensei calls himself forever 25, and loves branded goods like Burberry. He lives in a Toa Payoh HDB flat and he is upset that Pasta Mania and Starbucks are gone. He prefers his pasta and coffee to Kopitiam food, and he tells us that he isn’t speaking Hokkien when he talked to us about Kani Nabe, which means Crab Steamboat, or Crab Hotpot. He laughs at the oldest person in our class, a lady at 26 years old, for being one year older than him. And the youngest person in the class is a girl at 13!

Upon learning that I am from NUS he says my brain is good and I couldn’t say anything because I was so rusty with my Japan. I couldn’t even say I forgot when he asked me what I did when I was at Tokyo.

But the lesson reminded me that I loved the language and hence I must persevere even when I am taking it alone. The first lesson showed me that I needed more practise, and I guess I should devote some time to learning the language.

And it happens that my sensei has a Facebook account! And his brain is super good cause he remembers everyone’s names despite not having the nameplate thing in front of us. He is also a frequent traveller, travelling 42 prefectures out of 47 in Japan. And he travelled like what, six times this year already? Good life huh! I would like to travel that frequently for holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love my Japanese language. ๐Ÿ˜€

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