Today’s Wonderful Run

Nothing makes you feel better and more motivated than a good run, well almost. There’s other things that can do the same, but running allows you to feel it frequently, that is, if you run frequently too. Your appetite is good, and you feel like you could continue working.

Today’s run follows about a month of inactivity, which saw me doing my ICT in July and then continuing on for one week of Orientation Week, followed by two weeks of school because I was lazy. Hence I started on a shorter route, just about 5km.

It’s the route I always run, around my neighbourhood. Maybe one day I’ll try to experiment with running alternative routes and my distances go longer and longer. After every week I’ll slowly vary my distances and hopefully get used to running long distances before the Standard Chartered Marathon period?

Today’s pace is acceptable but not fast enough. It’s still at a mere 6:20minutes per kilometre. I should train myself to go below 6 soon. I should just open up my legs more and stop thinking I am tired.

Just along my primary school (See Rulang Primary School on the map), Miley Cyrus’ The Climb came on and I thought I should just finish my run before it ended. I had to sprint all the way and it took all my energy. The song ended right at the bus stop outside my house, but I told myself to finish it before the next song comes up. Thankfully I am able to do that. It felt really wonderful accomplishing that little burst of speed. I think I love my legs.

Will continue to work hard and run harder next week! Till then!

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