ENGIN Bash 2010

Yesterday marks the third and the final time I would be attending ENGIN Bash as an undergraduate. I didn’t go for the one during my freshie years, but attended all the other bashes as a councillor. The first was at Attica (unsure of the spelling) at Clark Quay, then the second one was at St James Power Station at Harbour Front. Yesterday’s was at Supper Club near Raffles City.

Of all the 3 locations, I like St James the best because of the space and the seats. The second goes to Attica because it still had more space to manoeuvre, although the seats were like limited by the time we arrived. Then Supper Club. Supper Club, at least has seats when we arrived, so it was not that bad. But we couldn’t see the stage at our location, and it is quite crammed.

But I totally could not understand the theme “White Noise”, which just reminds me of image processing. At least last year’s “What the HAT” was because of people wearing hats to the event itself.

Due to the squeeze and the lack of vision, it was quite a boring night, just chatting and lazing around. And the first HUH (alright it was WTF) came when we tried to collect our free drinks when we arrived and they said drinks only start at 10pm! Ice water only. It was retarded cause when we reached St James last year, we got our drinks immediately so we didn’t have to crowd later.

Thankfully by 8 we’re allowed to get our drinks, else we’ll just bore to death. We actually left the event like 10.30pm? So if they served us at 10pm we would have to drink fast? Or leave without the drinks. (Maybe that’s their original plan? Haha)

Ended up at some Chocolate place at Robertson Quay. The waffle wasn’t fantastic in my opinion, but it filled a hungry stomach. By the time it finished, it was beyond 12 and the last train had left. So I discovered a new bus, 5N, that reaches somewhere near my house so I can walk home. That bus stop also supports another Night Rider bus, so there are 2 types of buses I can take in the future!

And it is now back to “more work!”. When is it time for “Job’s done”?

2 thoughts on “ENGIN Bash 2010

  1. Haha it’s alright. It’s only fun to go as a huge group. There’s no loss anyway.

    Haha. It’s the final year of university! You should let me know who you are!

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