There is this quote which I once read in the Great Eastern “100 Life Greatest Quotes” which I agree very much. It recently appeared in the form of Brian Tracy’s “Quote of the Day” email, and I thought it was rather meaningful.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I think it is rather true. Most of the time we feel inferior to others because we keep comparing. We tell ourselves that we have to win and become better than others, but most of the time it really makes us unhappy when we keep losing. As such we feel inferior and lousy, but actually, nobody did really look down on us. We are looking down on ourselves, hence we feel inferior. If you do not think that you are lousy, and you feel confident about your abilities, no one can make you feel inferior. It is only through our consent (though we didn’t explicitly give consent), that we allow ourselves to feel inferior.

Another thing I would like to share is that sometimes misunderstandings occur due to us repeatedly feeling inferior. Our friends might have said something that makes us feel inferior, although that was not his purpose. Similar to the quote, this friend didn’t make us feel inferior. We made ourselves feel inferior. There are many things that are actually very simple, and we are overly sensitive and think that our friends are criticizing us, and then we feel lousy. But most of the time it is not like that! If we have confidence in ourselves and not feel inferior in the first place, then we would not be over-sensitive about other people’s achievements, and think that other people’s achievements show that we are lousy.

I do not know if you all can make any sense out of the above two paragraphs, but I would still like to urge everyone not to feel inferior about yourselves because honestly, there is nothing much to be inferior about. There is nothing much to be proud and haughty about and looking down on others too!

I would like to just end off by saying that I have always treated people kindly if they treat me well. But I don’t really like it when people just vent their anger on me for no reason. Sometimes its really frustrating. Bleah.

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