After four weeks in NUS

It’s been four whole weeks in NUS ever since I returned to school after my “3 weeks” holiday. It’s been quite an adjustment, considering I hadn’t been actively in school since November last year due to my industrial attachment. It’s actually more hectic and busy in school than in attachment, as you continue working when you reach home, and you use your weekends to churn out reports and catch up with work. Come to think of it, I should enjoy work once it starts, even if I have to spend some time occasionally putting in more effort to climb the ladder. I guess, no matter what I do, I should remain optimistic and that will allow me to deliver my best.

Week 4 just simply means that about a third of the semester is gone. Excluding recess and reading week, the semester only has 13 weeks. Just like that, a third of the semester is gone. It is just like how the rest of the 5 semesters in school was. Time moves fast and doesn’t wait for anyone. Very soon it’ll be the recess week, then reading week and then examinations, and the holidays, a happy time for the year 1s to 3s.

It’s a happy time for me too, since I could fully dedicate my time to my FYP during the 1 month holidays. But there won’t be much time for real holidays I suppose, as everything I had worked for in the first three years now lies in the fate of one cruel thing called the Final Year Project, just because it decides whether one achieves his First Class Honours.

I guess I should be happy now, because no matter what, I would at least graduate with a Second Upper Honours in July next year. This whole period for the year 4 is only for making sure my cap maintains above 4.5 (that’s the job of my Technical Electives), and to get at least an A- for Fyp.

I wonder how the journey for me through year 4 will be like. At least I am hopeful and optimistic as of now. I hope I can remain cheerful throughout the whole 8 months till May next year. 🙂

On a lighter note, there seems to be something nice happening this semester. Though I still have my own concerns, I’ll see how things goes and balance everything out.

Besides studies, this four weeks saw me going to many career sessions in NUS and outside NUS. I’ve went to listen to Credit Suisse when they came to talk about their company. And BoA Merrill Lynch, Citibank and Barclays with their Operations & Technology talks. Then there’s the Royal Bank of Scotland talk. And last Thursday I went to the Careers @ OCBC.

Careers @ OCBC was the first talk that was held outside campus and in the company itself. I went to Raffles Place to attend the event, and it was really different from the other talks. When I arrived at the 50th storey, it was networking straight from the start. I was expecting to go for talks and then raise questions, but we were thrown straight away to mingle. Some of the OCBC employees were very friendly and came to talk to us immediately after seeing how lost we were.

But one thing that really disappointed me was that I didn’t manage to attend the talk about Operations & Technology because they shifted the timings without telling us properly. The scheduled talk was at 7.30pm. At that time, my friends and I entered the room and the talk was about Consumer Financial Services, which was originally scheduled at 8.30pm. Everything was pushed forward. They probably announced it via the microphone, but the networking event was so noisy it was really chaotic trying to understand what they were saying. Additionally, we were given a tour of the offices (I went to Emerging Businesses), and that was when the talk probably began.

But OCBC seems like a nice place to work in despite not having a Management Associates program for graduates. They only have the MA program for Masters graduates like MBAs. However they do have their internal MA program if you perform well at OCBC. I guess I could take the chance.

There are more career talks coming soon. In the next week, I’ll be going to the BP talk, yes, the petroleum company, as well as Philips. Both are engineering careers. In the future there’ll be DBS, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, BoA Merrill Lynch etc that are coming. I guess this semester would see me being busy with interviews too.

And the Japanese lesson has just gone into week 3. The sensei was very amusing today. This week was teacher’s day, and the previous class yesterday gave him a paper white tie, White Label, cause he always jokes about wearing his Burberry Black Label tie.

And today one of the practice questions involving us forming a sentence that says “I have written the name here”, and sensei brought out a piece of paper folded into 2 like a book, with text on the front reading “Death Note” and then he says its better not to write the name inside.

Although the journey to and from Japanese lesson has not been very smooth due to the MRT disruptions, I still enjoyed my Japanese lessons. At least I had fun there. 🙂

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