Today’s run

It’s time again for a short update that happens every Sunday. Today I pushed myself for one more run round the usual route, hence its about 10.5km today, with quite a decent average speed of 9+km per hour. It could have been better, but this has definitely got to be one of my best runs in the year.

It was the first time I ran with my waterbag, and although the bag was tightened to jerk lesser during the run, I can hear the water in the bag moving about with every step I take, even though I already had music playing in my ears. I guess everyone could hear me coming because of the water sound.

It was a great run. The weather was great. It was cooling with no sun glaring down on me. The clouds are blocking the sun and the paths are still bright.

I am happy that I finished the run without any problems. This run is just like those fun runs people run when they don’t even want to run a half marathon. 🙂 And I did it without paying. I guess it’s time to progressively up the distance. 🙂

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