Nelson’s Birthday Event

Nelson’s birthday was yesterday, but we had the event today. I am really glad that the entire event is now over, because it was really tiring to organize the whole thing because of its scale as compared to previous years. Granted it’s not a big deal but coupled with FYP and school work, it does take a toll off you. But it all went out well, and I’m glad I did it.

The first major problem came when we knew Nelson had an appointment with his badminton friends on Thursday. We had initially organized it on Wednesday, and after realizing he had class during that time, we changed to Thursday. After we confirmed a sizeable number of people, we proceeded to ask him out, but sadly we were too slow. Thankfully a compromise was made, so we met first, and then Nelson went to vivocity to meet with his badminton friends.

The card making was a little screwed up also, so it taught me a few things. One of it is to check the resolution of photos so you need not end up making a second trip to develop the other photos. Another is that splitting the photos up does not result in cost savings. When you print 3 4R photos, it should cost $0.75, but when the minimum order is $2.50, you end up printing the 6R size at $3.00.

And it was really funny how the card is passed from people to people because they can’t come for the event, and yet they are holding it because they live near school, or happen to be able to be the link from person A to person B. And the lies you tell so that you got time to go and make the card, or buy the cake, makes you really sinful.

But I think this is the biggest scale birthday I ever organize, comprising of people from EE, from Happy 3 (my own OG), from Delta (last year’s OG) and Phoenix (this year’s og). Thankfully I have Cheng Ying to co-organize, at least she got the happy 3 and delta people. And Charissa too for deciding on how to make the card and spending time and effort making it, and finding out how to solve the card pass here pass there problem. And Pei Lin for accompanying me to buy the cake, else I would have been so bored and lonely.

It all went well even though the Clementi cake shop did not have the candle stand thingie to poke it into the cake, the cafe did not have lighter and people last minute pulling out. Thanks to all those who took the time off to come, it is quite well appreciated.

It’s now time to focus on school work and end all organizing of events. 🙂 FOCUS!

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