A relaxing day

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. The day started off with preparation for Japanese lesson, and then I had the lesson itself from 1-4pm. But the main thing was that I went to Melanie’s house for steamboat, something which was planned a long time ago. It is also expected that some people wouldn’t be able to come at the last minute, and luckily the number dwindled down to a nice 7, and we all had space round the table.

I guess it was nice catching up on top of the busy schedule that all of us are gradually facing as the week progress on to week 6th. The freshies were also asking us seniors about the modules to take, and tips and stuff. I guess it was good that they ask, so they get more knowledge from us also.

Melanie has a very nice house. A terrace to be exact. She said it was chui and it gave me a huge surprise. I guess its good when you lower someone’s expectations so much that he gets a surprise. Haha. But it is a very beautiful home, nicely renovated with nice modern toilets that can rival any top hotel room. Even her room is nice.

It just makes me feel like doing something to my room when I graduate and start working. But I guess my room is quite nice too. 😀

But in all it made me realize what I wanted, the ability to actually provide for the family such that they all live in comfort, and having the opportunities that other children do not have. And I guess this is why we are all working hard now at this stage in university. For a good job, a good career and excellent development opportunities into management level and beyond.

And it will all be worth it, the hard work.

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