A very important day

Yesterday, the 5th of October 2010, was Pei Lin’s birthday. We had planned to go out on her birthday about one to two months back, so I was quite excited when the morning came. We had lessons in school, so in the morning I made a trip down to Jurong Point to collect the cake that I ordered, and then head down to school for my lessons.

I think it is quite fortunate (and lucky) that the both of us would end at about 2pm, so we didn’t have to wait for each other for long. We took a bus down to Vivocity, and walked round vivo for a while looking for shoes. Then we went to the 3rd level to take the monorail into Sentosa.

First, we went to the newly opened (maybe not that new) Resorts World Sentosa. There is actually not much place to walk since the bulk of the place is hotels and Universal Studios, and you can’t really walk into Universal Studios as you have to buy a ticket. But we did take photos outside!

The first photo of the day at the water fountain. The monorail station is called waterfront, and everywhere we go, we realized that there was water in front of us. It really lived up to its reputation.

There’s the giant Universal Studios globe outside Universal Studios, and we realized that the lesson of the day is to follow the crowd, because that’s where the best spot is. The other spots either the person or the camera man will face the sun.

After walking around and not having any interesting place to go, we continued exploring and then we realized we were at the foot of the merlion. I had gone into the merlion many years ago, when I was a little kid. Pei Lin didn’t have that experience, so we went into the merlion to see how things are. I am not too sure but I think some things inside had been changed.

We got a Japanese tourist to take this photo for us. The lighting wasn’t fantastic, hence the quality of the image wasn’t up to standard.

There’s the lift all the way up to the Merlion’s head and mouth. I remember there used to be many people inside, but now there’s only a few of us. So there’s more space to move and hang around. There’s nothing at the mouth though. I forgot that it’s so small. They just got us to take photos, so we can choose which photos we want at the bottom of the Merlion. The photo above was taken while waiting for the lift down.

After the merlion, we wanted to find the restaurant to have our meal. Hence we walked to find it. However, I found out later that the restaurant I wanted to go is inside the casino! Hence we had to go for choice no 2, which required us to take the monorail down to the beach station. After a short walk, we found ourselves at the restaurant. I was slightly disappointed (perhaps very) because I had higher expectations of myself, and I thought I should have brought her to a better place. The ambience was so-so, the decor was mediocre. At certain parts the walls needed a paint job. There’s only two waitresses in the entire restaurant, and the food was just normal. Nothing fantastic and I don’t think it was value for money. The experience was only enjoyable because of my dinner companion.

We had the teppanyaki set, one beef and one venison. It came with things like assorted mushrooms, salmon, scallops (which is really yucky, and I like my scallops), two tiny pieces of Foie Gras.

I ordered a Kabuki Dream cocktail, and I regretted it because cherry cocktails have this weird after taste like a cough mixture.

After dinner we walked down Siloso beach to catch the sunset. The horizon was cloudy, hence the sun disappeared behind the clouds. I guess the sun “set” behind the clouds? Maybe we should catch a sunset elsewhere during the holidays.

That’s Sentosa main island behind us. We crossed the bridge to come to this smaller island to catch the sunset.

That’s the “sunset” that we caught. It was my first time catching the sunset and I was quite mesmerised by the scene. I really want to be able to see more sunsets with Pei Lin in the future.

The sun did set fast and by the time we walked 300m into the main island, the sky was already dark. We found a bench on the way to the Songs of the Sea performance, and there we had the cake.

It’s a nice 4 inch cake from The Icing Room. We managed to eat like 80% of the cake before we realized we were very full from all the dinner+cake. I sang her the birthday song the second time in a day. I wonder what she wished for during the birthday wish period.

After enjoying the cake we took a stroll down to the performance venue, and watched Songs of the Sea. It was a very short performance, but it was fun when all the flames and water jets start coming out. 🙂 There were many tourists and I had no idea the seating space was that big. There was a queue to get home after the performance!

I had an enjoyable time with Pei Lin even though I was quite wols at one point in time, resulting in things not happening when they should. I was a happy person when I closed my eyes to sleep yesterday night, and I hope she enjoyed the day too.

2 thoughts on “A very important day

  1. USS looks damn fun! but been busy, no time go there so far.. arghs! must go there soon! hahaha. glad that you enjoyed the trip there, hahaha! cheers my friend 🙂

    1. Haha USS meaning Universal Studios Singapore? Yeah it looks fun but I think it’s not fully open yet. Haha. And resorts world have some attractions only opening next year, so there’s alot of time before it all opens properly. =)

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