It’s been long

It has been a long time since I blogged. Somehow the energy of blogging has diminished, but after an 8km run, I found peace within myself to write again. As I am typing this, I am on my way to Jurong Point for dinner. This is the benefits of mobile blogging?

A lot has happened over the weeks, with something happy that happened which I would not reveal at the moment. When the time is right I guess I will reveal what it is.

Over the weeks we have seen sad things happening. Our MM Lee’s wife passed away, and before that, Dr Balaji. From their deaths, I learnt that singaporeans on a whole are divided, with some extremists elements too extreme for my liking. Personally I feel that we should still preserve our Asian culture, where we respect the dead and give them due credit. Even in western societies, eulogies are given, praising the dead. No one gives any insults to the deceased nor do they pass unnecessary remarks on those still living. Perhaps only in Singapore?

I love my country. So I am concerned with whatever is happening. The general elections seemed to be fast approaching, and I enjoyed reading from The Straits Times and even Temasek Review. No side can claim to be without bias, hence caution must be taken when reading articles. Yet I find it laughable by the lack of integrity by certain singaporeans. If, The Straits Times is biased, what gives anyone the right to contribute by adding material from the other side? Two bias does not make an unbiased die. But yet we act like childish children.

I have also seen how people openly declaring that they will vote opposition no matter who it is. I find it dangerous. While I do not agree with every single policy the current administration is doing, I think we should vote with whatever we believe in. No party can give us 100% of what we want, but we vote for those we believe o be in the best interests of the country.

That said, I would like to leave some food for thought. Should government implement policies that make people happy, or implement policies that are unpopular but vital to the progress of the nation?

3 thoughts on “It’s been long

  1. There’s always this assumption that what’s good for the economy is good for Singaporeans. But this isn’t true when you look at global comparisons of wages adjusted for PPP, or median wealth of citizens. In recent years, foreign share of GDP has sky-rocketed to levels not seen even in the early stages of Singapore’s economic development. The policies pushed by the state is good for Singapore’s economic development, but locals aren’t benefiting at all.

    This phenomenon is best explained by what is known as the dual economy thesis, as coined by Dr Chua Hak Bin. You can find a post on it here:

    So the question isn’t whether the government should promote policies which are good for Singapore but are unpopular or the other way round but whether they should implement policies which is good for the economy but not so for Singaporeans.

    And the latter question for myself is much easily answered with a definite NO.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the links. I’ve been busy but I will read them once I have the time. 🙂

    Hmm. My question was actually a general one, not directed at any government in question. I was just wondering because since most of us do not really spend much time understanding enough material to really know which step is best for the country, there is bound to be some time when the government has to implement policies that are unpopular but for the good of the country?

    But with respect to what you have pointed out, whether they should implement policies good for the economy but bad for Singaporeans, well, I understand. I feel that ultimately this country still belongs to its stakeholders, the citizens.

    With respect to the second comment, I read that somewhere before. It is quite astounding. Certain policies need to be tweaked before it’s too late!

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