It’s been 12 days?

I realized I haven’t blogged for 12 days. This shows how I have just lost the motivation to write anymore. And yes it’s because school’s just getting busy and stressing people out. I think it’s hard to catch me complaining and complaining, especially when I finished the first 3 years feeling very confident and highly motivated, but I guess year 4 is really different. A huge leap I would say. The university could probably have done more to prepare us for this.

The examinations for this semester is coming and I am one more semester close to graduation. It’s really scary how time just seems to fly each semester. Somehow I have come to appreciate the stress that others are in studying during the first 3 years of the semester. Perhaps I have discovered that everyone is different after all. Even though I try hard to motivate my friends, everyone is running for a different reason and hence their pace would be different. It’s the natural order of things. And some people just seem to be so smart, being able to catch the ideas and theory quicker than others. The world isn’t fair, so let’s just face that.

But the vicious cycle of the semester is coming to an end again, and it’s time to prepare for the examinations. Yet the pesky CA2 for FYP is round the corner, and everyone’s getting pretty demoralized by it, at least for the Electrical Engineers. Again I always question the need for the FYP. Does it really prepare us for the work place, or are we just labour for the research of the university. Is the university more interested in the research it is producing, or the development of it’s students to become independent thinkers and do-ers? Although I appreciate how FYP makes us independent, but the lack of a common standard on how each individual professor treats his/her students just make me feel very lousy.

Or perhaps we have been spoon fed all along, and now we find ourselves helpless? At least I have been quite independent so far for my FYP, finding out how to do stuffs and making things work on my own. But I doubt independence has anything to do with it. Ultimately FYP is just like your workplace, at the end, it’s what your boss thinks that matter, and I think that is just plain wrong. Being similar to the usual does not make something right.

One thing really wrong about our education system is that we become a product of the factory called our education system. Molded in the same way. Each and every one of us. I saw a video recently that got me thinking. Why did we package each and every one of us, and sort us into classes by AGE? As if AGE has anything to do with ability.

Sorry for the digression, but I was thinking, our system made us who we are now. People without real passion for anything. People without exposure. I do not know what the younger generation is studying, or what the schools are doing for them, but at least for my generation, perhaps more could have been done. I wonder now, why should I put my children in the future through this education system designed to mould people into factory products fit for the industries in Singapore? Instead of giving them a perspective and teaching them to find out for themselves what they would like to do?

Anyway, exams are round the corner and it’s time to study. The study method is tried and tested, and I have to apply it properly again this time. My last chance for a SAP 5.0 since there’s only 3 examinable modules this semester. Next sem would not have much of a chance since FYP’s grades would also be reflected in it.

Ah well. Study hard everyone.

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