End of the semester

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything in this blog. To be exact, it has been 26 days, and since the month is ending, I guess there’s only 2 posts for the month of November.

I ran with Pei Lin today in NUS, turns out that one round round NUS is only about 5 and a half kilometres. Quite a short run at a slow pace because there’s a lot of elevation along the route to PGP and beyond. This is the first time we are running together and it has been a nice experience. Since we were in our home clothes attire, we went to a hawker center for dinner, opposite west coast plaza and had chicken rice. The chicken rice stall cheat our feelings because the vegetables isn’t xiao bai cai as seen in their photos. Ok maybe only my feelings cause I don’t like that veg that replaced my favourite xiao bai cai.

She drove me home after dinner, which was rather sweet. It’s the second time this week, the first on Friday when she picked me up at home to go IMM for dinner. And we watched Harry Potter on Thursday, and I must say the seats in Jurong Point are really bad compared to the newer GV seats. I rarely go to the Jurong Point theatre, so it’s not too bad since it won’t affect me. But the leg room is considerably lacking, and even the width of the seats are smaller. Plus the handrest cannot be pushed back.

Anyway the semester has finally ended, although there’s no real holiday since FYP isn’t over yet. But at least there’s time for other stuff while doing FYP. I shall try to enjoy my holiday before the last semester of university begins.

Somehow I felt that since this is my last semester in NUS, I should just enjoy the process. I must say I am not confident in FYP at all. I will give my best but I have decided not to let it dictate and ruin my life in NUS. If I am not meant to get the First Class Honours, then so be it. No point feeling so stressed and upset till my mood keep being bad and my appetite keeps getting lost. I went to do some simple calculations. If I get 2As and 1A- this semester, and end up with a C+ for FYP and 2 A- and 1 B+ for next semester’s grades, I will still have about 4.43, which is a high 2nd upper class honours. I will just do what I can, and be a happy final year student. I am already very convinced that research is not what I want to do in my life, and I will never ever want to pursue a higher education in Engineering.

After all, the many countless job applications with no news have taught me something, that nobody does give a damn about your grades in university. So what if you are on course for first class honours? So what if you have 4.59 worth of CAP? So what if you have 2 times Deans List on your CV? You don’t even get the door opened to an interview.

Up to now, I went the furthest with RBS, as they gave me a logic test and then a numerical test a week later. But there is also no news from RBS, and I am getting slightly worried. Even HSBC who called me after seeing my resume on JobsCentral didn’t email me yet even though they promised they will. I applied to Philips, who claimed they were looking for the top 10% of the cohort. If I don’t even get a chance for an interview, I wonder if this means that I am not the top 10%, or they are looking for something else.

After seeing all these happen, there’s just not much point in really pushing yourself to the limit and making your life miserable just to satisfy your professor’s expectations of you, which might be ten times more than another person and yet he might get the A. After all, the purpose of education is to land you a job that you want, and it is clearly not the only factor in the equation.

What I can do is to push myself in the examinable modules. It would be funny to get a 2nd Upper with a 1st Class CAP, and I would be sure to put the score in my resume.

Till then!

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