The final chapter of the semester

The 7th semester of my university education has officially concluded with the arrival of the results yesterday morning. When the results came in the form of the sms, I had both a sense of satisfaction and a sense of disappointment.

The disappointment came because the results are not what I had aimed for. It is my last chance to try for a SAP 5.0, so that is what I had aimed. Realistically, I had predicted a grade of A A A-. Yet the results was not to be. In the end it is only A A- B+, a SAP of 4.5, which only brought down my CAP by 0.01, so it’s effect is minimal, which is why I was still satisfied despite being disappointed.

Soon I’ll embark on the final semester of my university education, and it is probably the hardest semester because of the subject that has a veto factor on my class of honours. But no matter what, at least I’ll be able to graduate with a second upper, which is not too shabby.

Jiayou ba. Have to go apply for jobs too.

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