新しい 2011

Happy New Year people! Whoever that has been reading my blog despite me not updating frequently, and me blogging rather incoherently at times. I’m sure the readership is at a whole new low since I have not blogged anything interesting for many months. Today is the 1st Jan of 2011, also known as 1-1-11. Another nice date.

It seems that many people have posted conclusions to their year in 2010, perhaps as a form of closure and a sign that a new year is coming and a new start exists for everyone of us. Like a reset button is there, where we can start a new year forgetting about the past. I remember one person said it was pointless to write new year’s resolution, because if we truly had the intention to fulfil a resolution on our life, there is no need to write it at new years. We can write it any time and see it true. Instead of writing a new year’s resolution for new year’s sake.

2010 saw me do many things. Firstly, 2010 saw me starting my industrial attachment for 6 months. I worked at DSTA as an intern and got to take part in some interesting projects, although my level of involvement was minimal for security reasons. The earnings from the internship will be channelled towards the graduation trip fund to be used in May 2011 if possible.

2010 saw me starting my fourth and final year of university. 2010 saw me commencing FYP and meeting up with setbacks and difficulties never before experienced in my first three years of university.

2010 saw me conquering my body limit to run 42.195km, a feat I promised to do at the start of 2010, at a timing of 5 hours 44 minutes. Granted I did not run the full 42.195, but slightly more than 50% of it, at least I walked fast to cover the distance. It is indeed a rare chance to experience the thrills of a marathon and the toughness of it. As well as the feeling of satisfaction once you have completed it.

2010 saw me question myself. 2010 made me wonder if grades are all that important, although I still believe they are a vital indicator of whether a person could grasp concepts fast, which I think is an important trait. Or a good indicator of whether a person is hardworking or not. Probably not an excellent indicator, but generally a good one.

2010 saw me applying for many jobs. Bank jobs in IT, bank jobs in finance. Engineering jobs for management trainee. But without a single interview chance, further making me wonder why I assumed good grades open doors to interviews. 2010 saw me wondering why a piece of CCA still seems to important to this date, when there is more to life than joining a CCA for the sake of joining one.

2010 saw me becoming more “politically aware”. 2010 saw me reading alternative and dissenting views. 2010 saw me contributing my opinions, and I try to write it nicely on Facebook pages. 2010 saw me feeling unhappy about the loose immigration policy, disillusioned with my country for the first time, and me feeling disappointed that SM Goh doesn’t recognize this sense of disillusionment many of us felt. 2010 saw me realizing that the opposition are capable of raising valid points, and saw me reading draft manifestos of two parties.

2010 saw me being excited that I might eventually get a chance to vote and exercise my right as a citizen. 2010 got me thinking about issues concerning Singapore. 2010 saw me wondering if people should join politics if they care for Singapore and wants to improve it. 2010 saw me deciding I would probably make a lousy politician, and I am better off giving opinion.

2010 saw me feeling disappointed in the comments of certain Singaporeans on some websites, but I cannot blame them because it is an outlet for them to vent their frustration. 2010 saw me realizing that there are many opinions around, that no one may be entirely right, but both parties may have had that opinion because they truly cared for something. 2010 still saw me being supportive of the idea of CPF, 2010 still saw me being supportive of the idea of conscription, although it got me thinking that the duration could be further reduced to lessen the impact of the wasted time.

2010 saw Singapore giving money to NSmen, and saw me feeling unhappy that I missed the first payment simply because I ord-ed earlier. 2010 saw me feeling all these while still understanding the limitations of the government, that it is impossible to draw a line to when they should pay the first payment, and that it is probably easier to do it for people who have not ord-ed.

2010 was a great and unique year to me. One filled with many experiences, joys and tears.

2011 would be another great year for me. I just know it.

7 thoughts on “新しい 2011

  1. happy new year 🙂

    Btw, good grades but no interviews, the problem might lie with your resume. Work on it? I’m having troubles with job hunt too. All the best to us!

  2. Happy new year my friend. Have I known you for over a year now? It seemed like it was last year that you started commenting on my blog, yet I have no idea who you are. I do wish that you could let me know who you are. My email is the url of the blog + @gmail.com.

    Yes many people raised the point that the problem might lie with my resume. I wrote my resume based on the points raised during a resume writing workshop, and I followed all it’s points properly. I doubt my resume is the problem. More likely HR thinks that CCA is important, and hence strikes off candidates with no CCA.

    All the best to you too. Hopefully you’ll get a job you like and have a good time transitioning from being a student to having a career. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Actually I see you really often in school, but I don’t know whether to tell you or not.

    Perhaps you can also send in your resume to NUS Career Centre for a critique and they would give some pretty constructive feedbacks.

    I guess I’ll look around during the Career Fair coming up, but my grades aren’t that impressive :/

  4. Tell me! I don’t mind knowing actually, and it is good to have another friend who is so supportive. Haha. Email me if you don’t want to let others know who you are?

    Can we send our resume in? I was always under the impression that we had to be in the resume writing program before they would do it for us for free.

    I’ll also be looking around the career fair. It’s time to look for a job! I doubt grades are important actually, don’t feel down and keep it up! What matters more is attitude and a willingness to learn.

  5. haha.. I don’t know I am supportive.

    And yes you can! One day I passed by the career discovery booth at Central Library and they gave me some career advices, and they told me I can send in my resume for critique. And I did!

    Grades matters definitely, for the first round of filtering before they select people for interview.. They wouldn’t know much about your attitude till the interview.

  6. Haha,well everytime you comment its always words of encouragement.

    Hmm. Haven’t manage to get interview even with my grades. Can’t really see how grades get me interview chances also.

    But your success in the long run isn’t dependent on grades but attitude. That’s what I was trying to say. 🙂

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