Final Semester: The beginning

The Final Semester has begun, and on a good note too. Although the prof didn’t come for lesson on Monday and I came to school for nothing because that is my only lesson of the day. But it started on a happy note because I got a telephone interview from the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) for their I-Grad program.

I would be hearing from them again latest the start of next week to see if I would be able to proceed on to the next round, which involves an interview with 2 HR personnel. Which will then lead to group assessment of leadership and team work and then the last round of interview with the Area General Manager.

It is my first interview since I sent out so many applications last year, so it is something to be happy about. Finally my luck is turning! Hopefully the job search process will be much easier from now on. 🙂

Today is the 11/1/11 and I’m sure many people will use this date as something sweet. Maybe some people will use this date to say the most romantic of things, just for 情趣 you know. I’ve already had friends on twitter twitting about 11/1/11 11.11am and even 11s too, according to a friend’s professor.

Been unhappy with some stuffs and really hate this feeling. I’m not so sure what to do anymore. Perhaps I’m just confused. Ah whatever.

2 thoughts on “Final Semester: The beginning

  1. Hey thanks. Yeah it’s always good to look into alternative choices before deciding. It sounds interesting too. 🙂

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