JDrama: Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite「十年先も君に恋して」

After a long period of not blogging about dramas, I find myself back to do a short write up on this JDrama that I have watched recently. Judging from the Japanese title, is it possible to guess what the drama is about? Firstly it involves the concept of time, ten years ago. In the drama, the husband named Maruyama Hiroshi, an engineer working on space elevators, travels 10 years back into the past to prevent his wife, Onozawa Rika from meeting him. Secondly, the word “jun” or 君 means you in Japanese. The last clue is then the single last kanji word which represents love. Loosely translated, the title means “I’ll still love you in 10 years”, so I guess you can sort of guess what the ending is.

Hiroshi, who travelled 10 years into the past, cannot meet up with his younger self because he would get a headache whenever the two of them got too near. Hence he had to strike from Rika, by preventing her from boarding the bus which they met in. He managed to successfully prevent Rika from boarding the bus, because Rika was afraid of this weird guy who kept following her. But as fate dictates that the two of them will meet again after just one hour later. I guess this is what it means by fate?

Having his plan failed, Hiroshi had to devise other means, and finally showed himself after Rika had fallen in love with his younger self. Rika had a shock. Who wouldn’t? But then it became a painful emotional struggle when one has to wonder, if knowing that you would be unhappy 10 years later with this guy, would you still choose him?

In this short 6 episode drama, I manage to be able to feel the character of Hiroshi, and understand the feeling he has when he made the decision to travel back in time. It is obvious that he still loves Rika, and flashbacks show how they often quarrel, because Rika was unhappy that she didn’t live out her dream. Which got me thinking, really, as time goes by, do couples really grow apart? Would we one day decide that we regretted sacrificing for the other person because we did not get what we want?

In the drama, Hiroshi successfully engineers a plan and it leads to the younger Hiroshi being suspicious of Rika’s faithfulness and so they break up. On the surface rthe plan was a success, but was Hiroshi truly happy? Bearing in mind the great love he has for Rika; that he went back 10 years so that she could live the life she wanted, without him. And him having to tell lies to tell Rika that he hates her. It’s just so so emo.

But Hiroshi finally changes his mind, and with the help of Rika’s brother, manages to convince the two that they really do have feelings for each other, and hence young Hiroshi patched back with Rika. As Hiroshi left, memories of the old Hiroshi would fade in the young Rika’s mind, and Hiroshi bravely went back to the present, 2020, to face the divorce that he is having with his wife.

The story ended nicely with Rika getting a letter she wrote to herself 10 years ago in 2010. Rika went back to being an editor, and the two realized they do have feelings for each other, and it ends with Hiroshi realizing that Rika secretly made him a cup of coffee, and the two enjoyed a happy moment together.

So this is it. This is what it is meant by I’ll still love you in 10 years. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship is, but when both live their lives to what they want to be, it would be great. So in the relationship, no party needs to overly sacrifice for the other. Dreams have to be met for everyone to remain satisfied with themselves. I guess I should also pursue my dreams. As always, the question I ask myself on this blog is: 私の夢は何ですか?

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