It’s been some time since I updated on my life in school. The final semester had begun and it is now reaching the end of the third week. Time passes really quickly and soon I will be working and really earning my own keep.

The past week saw the end of my fourth relationship. I don’t know how many people still read this blog, be it on a regular or occasional basis, so maybe some people would be surprised because I never did announce the beginning of the relationship, perhaps out of respect for her. But I guess it won’t be that huge of a surprise since I did blog about her before. Anyway it’s been another of life’s lessons to me, and I think I now understand myself better, as well as found some new additional flaws that I should probably change. Every relationship teaches you something about yourself; about what you want and your approach to doing things. So while ending a relationship is sad, be happy for the things we learnt about ourselves, so we can next meet someone more suitable. At least, that is the optimistic approach.

It ended on quite a friendly basis. Not much quarrels or hostility, so I guess it is good. The relationship might be short but I wish her all the best and maybe she can find someone more suitable too. 🙂 If anyone asks me what the problem was, I guess the answer would be that we were looking for different things, and we really have different attitudes on how a relationship should be. Different expectations. There’s no right or wrong in the matter, just two characters that won’t be happy together. If anyone then continues to ask what have I learnt, then I guess its that knowing a person is really difficult. It takes time. But entering a relationship to find that out is still worth it.

Occasionally I will still think of happier times, I think that’s normal, I’m still in the adaptation phase. One day everything will return to normal and eventually that cycle will continue. I will continue to meet new people, and then one day the right one will just come along.

Now I have to focus on job hunting. I just went for the NUS Career fair yesterday afternoon. I will go again later in the day. There is not much that I am interested in I guess. I still wonder if I am cut out to be an engineer. Somehow I find that the things I love to do does not require any specific discipline. I’m still interested in management, interested in starting my own business, interested in getting rich. Maybe I was born to try entrepreneurship one day.

Applied for the SATS Graduate Assimilation Program. There’s job rotation and stuff about SATS three main divisions. It sounds really interesting so I dropped my resume with them. Hopefully the good results still work in helping me emerge from all the applicants, and get a chance at that. I guess later I will go and talk to the Air Force Engineers and ask them a few questions before applying for it. Somehow I am not like the rest of the people who feel public sector isn’t a good place to work at. I have never shunned from the defense industry I guess. At least it is one of the rare things that give me a sense of purpose, along with SIA and SATS.

But in the future I would really like to start a business and put in some effort to grow it. I think it would be meaningful. So I guess I should find a future spouse that has the same ideas and feelings? Maybe someone who dare to try and don’t mind trying. I think that’s a wonderful dream to dream about now.

Shall go to sleep. Good night.

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