Thoughts for the future

The first day of Chinese New Year has just ended. Like all Chinese new years I went to my aunts house where my grandparents lived. Every year on this date, everyone gathers together. There’s not much in depth catch up, but hearing what the aunts say, one can learn about the things that are going on for my cousins.

Time passes very quickly. It seemed like yesterday that I was still a kid and there are only 3 of us cousins. Now the total no of people in my generation is at 8. The eldest cousin is already 27 this year and engaged. Her house will be ready in 2014. I’m about to graduate myself. It just all feels so sudden.

My aunt asked if I have a girlfriend. It is with a little tinge of sadness that I said I had but it just ended. Perhaps this is me. I’m a late bloomer in academic and probably a late bloomer for my relationship as well. I have a rough idea of who my ideal half is and I guess I should stick to my ideals. A friend tried to introduce other friends to me but somehow I was not that interested. I’m entering a phase where I cannot be bothered if there’s anyone around. It’s like nobody seems to fit the criteria anyway and I also feel like concentrating on my career.

If my plans go well, being stuck in camp on weekdays doesn’t seem to be good for a relationship anyway. It will be a good haitus from it all. And I believe it will give me time and more experiences to grow as a person.

So that’s my takeaway during Cny. What’s yours.

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