Above All

Today is the day where my life changes. It is the beginning of my job interview process, and, more importantly, it should be the beginning of a nice job, if all else goes smoothly. I went to the Central Manpower Base at Depot Road today at 8 for the briefing and interview at 8.30. The role I was applying for is Air Force Engineer.

The day started off with some inefficiencies of the army clerks. The private called out some names to queue up for submission of documents, and then decided that it was enough for the moment and stopped calling out names. Which would have been fine had the latecomers not come in and just queued. After realizing that he probably isn’t going to call names anymore, I just queued. And they couldn’t find my name. Admin lapse no 2. How can you call me on my mobile phone twice and then forgot me in the name list?

But eventually they settled it behind the scenes. We were given this “essay” to write. How important is technology in the defense of Singapore. Cool essay question, and I wrote 3 main points and concluded. There isn’t much space to go in depth, but it conveys my general thinking of how technology is used to aid the SAF in ensuring that our defense objectives are still met.

There was a talk conducted by the head HR officer for the Air Force, and in it he spoke about how being in the RSAF is good and how they take care of you. I was suddenly introduced to the notion of military weddings, and indeed it sounds like something interesting, something unique. The rest of the points were not something new. The SAF pays well and reimburses our university fees. Great.

Then we waited for our interview turn. There were 4 rooms of interviewers, and I got the head HR officer interviewing me. He is a nice person and concluded the interview by asking if the Air Force advertisements on 96 were effective. He says there wasn’t enough budget to run it on other buses. He already had 2 Air Force buses on 96.

My EE friend Mandy went for the interview too. So did 3 other girls. I guess they must be commended for daring to take the plunge into our world. I met Wen Xiang there, my DSTA fellow intern who is quite an interesting person. He holds the same views as me about defence of the nation, and we value our NS a lot. Together with Alan, I will have 2 friends who hold such serious thoughts about this matter, and what more can I ask for? Having great friends who hold the same beliefs and values. 🙂

Hopefully the interview goes well. My medical check up is on the 23rd of March 2011, and I’m sure I would pass again with a PES B grading. 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

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