Just a quick update

I realize it has been so long since I typed something down here, in fact it has been 6 days since a post and 12 days since a “read-able” post. I’m just popping by to provide some updates if anyone really bothers. It is going to be the 8th week of the semester. University life is coming to an end!

Before anyone shouts hurray or feels overly enthusiastic about what’s to come, I must say the last few weeks would be incredibly stressful due to the cumulation of many projects, assignments, lab reports deadlines coming together. Things would just intensify from now on and I’m not even talking about basic revision.

There’s fyp to finalize, thesis to write, CA and presentations to complete. There’s image processing assignment 2. There’s 3501 Lab 2 Report due next week, the 4302 CA1, 3 report unfinished, 4302 CA2 lab somewhere in the next few weeks. Things just seem to get busier and busier.

On a more optimistic note, I am glad it is going to be over. Hell will end soon and I’ll embark on my new phase in life knowing that I don’t have that lousy a degree scroll.

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