After so long, I have finally returned

It has been so long! Since April 1st actually. The reason why I haven’t been blogging is because this site went down due to an irresponsible reseller who ran away. As such I am left with no one to help me get my site back. Thankfully the owner of the server called me and I got him to restore this, at a fee of course. I guess I have to find an alternative host these few days and perform the migration of data.

Yesterday, 26th April 2011, marks the end of my 16 formal years of education. 6 years in Primary School, 4 years in Secondary School, 2 years of Junior College and 4 years of University studies. Yesterday also marks the beginning of a new start, as I decided to sign the contract with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) as an Air Force Engineer under the Officer scheme.

Hence I have also secured my job right before graduation (before my last paper!!) and it pays well too. I guess I am happy how everything worked well in the end. It wasn’t easy finding a job since there are so many jobs but they are all looking for different types of people. There’s also lost of expectations for certain company like SATS. I remembered I went for their interview and I was right on time. Yet I have to wait 1 hour 20 minutes before I manage to meet the HR personnel who interviewed me. It has already been some weeks but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I guess a company that does things so slowly and cannot even organize interviews efficiently tells me how much they value human capital.

Anyway, it had been a long 4 years in University. Many things have happened in University, in terms of human to human relationships, whether boy girl relationships or friend-friend relationships. Many lessons had been learnt and university did give me more perspective in my life. Critical Thinking and Writing gave me knowledge on fallacies,which proved to be useful and interesting in rebutting people. I guess I had a wonderful time in NUS, well, at least for the first three years.

Perhaps one day I would open a section up on this blog to write about NUS related stuff. Maybe give some tips to juniors in terms of modules, since many juniors come here via Google. Or perhaps I would put up some of my lab reports or thesis as a general guideline to help them.

Anyway let me give a fitting end to this torturous year and semester. I finally finished my examinations yesterday, on the 3rd official examination day. I have 3 exams this time round, one on each official examination day. So I am one of the earliest to end my semester, and I ended it off with my hardest examination in all of my 16 years. Didn’t manage to complete even half of it due to its difficulty. Professor said it is because NUS EE is top 10 in the world, so have to have some form of standard. I remember Feng Fu telling me that he got owned. Well everyone did too. Thankfully it is only 30% of the module marks, and thankfully I also found a job, so the impact is considerably lessened.

For this coming holidays (its my last holiday), I would be going to Taiwan as a celebration for my graduation. I would also be going to Batam for a 2 day 1 night trip. And I would like to start on a holiday project, maybe learning flash or something and see how I can deliver interesting animation as a teaching aid. Or, I could just stick to app programming, but that would have to wait until I purchased an entirely new computer.

Overall I am happy to have survived these 4 long years in university, and I am grateful for all the friends who have accompanied me through this emo and tough period. As well as the many new friends I have made through participating in Oweek. I don’t know whether any of them reads this blog, but I hope you all would join Oweek this year and spread the knowledge that I passed to the new batch of freshies. If I made your university life more fun and enjoyable, please pass it on so your juniors can have a more fun university life.

Now that my life has transitioned to a new phase, I look forward excitedly to my new life and the challenges that it might bring. I guess in the end every part of my life is complete sans one. I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out. 🙂

Tired! Shall blog more next time.

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