JDrama: Lady Saigo no Hanzai Profile

After my exams ended, this is the first drama that I watched. Ok lah, this is the only drama I have watched so far. Anyway the title of this drama is “Lady: Saigo no Hanzai Profile” (最後の犯罪profile), which loosely translated means the “last crime profile” The “Lady” part didn’t make sense to me until the final few episodes, as the key bad guy is dubbed the “Lady Killer”.

Profiling is basically something like a statistical tool of some sorts, where you try to predict the actions of the bad guy, or the place he would appear. This is highly dependent on the amount of information about the person, as you have to have some degree of understanding of the person to be able to profile him accurately. For example, in one episode, they estimated the places a runaway prisoner would go to, given that he was spotted in a place. It worked based on the probability that the fugitive will not run away too far from his nest.

Another example would be getting data from the previous few murders and the places the victims were abducted. By analyzing the order of which the abduction is performed, one is able to generate a prediction of the next location. This works on probability, hence the probability of error is always there. Profiling is not a 100% accurate thing.

The other side of profiling, a less statistical one, is performed by the main lead actress Kazuki, acted by Kitagawa Keiko. As a talented profiler trained with the FBI, she visits the scenes of the crime and tries to understand the criminal by imagining herself in their shoes. Since certain clues can be found in the scene of the crime, she is able to reconstruct some parts of what the criminal did, and then predict the possible actions.

Naturally I was quite skeptical of the profiling performed by CPS, the fictional department in the police force. It can’t be that accurate, can it? But maybe it can, since data could have been collected for many criminals and analyzed. Perhaps by leveraging on previous crimes, one can indeed model a criminal mind and guess, with some degree of accuracy, what a criminal might do.

There are a few things I learnt from this drama (sarcasm coming up)

1. Scenes of the crime are usually left alone in the original form. The tables that were overturned are untouched, and profilers can go back to see the original state and do re-profiling. Yes, even for crimes that happen 5 years ago.

2. The Japan police force is quite stupid 10 years ago, and the introduction of profilers suddenly made it easy to capture one criminal. I must say I was quite disappointed with the anti-climax ending, as I thought the police should have figured it out instead of dragging it till 10 years.

3. When criminals come back and hit the policeman who is pointing a gun at their comrade, the policeman will faint and they will run, but somehow their comrade does not follow immediately. As such a girl can take up the gun of the policeman and kill the comrade, and the runaway convicts will not hear the gunshots and hence does not come back.

But other than that, the drama is quite entertaining since it is something new that isn’t seen often on television. Makes me wonder why Mediacorp doesn’t record such shows that actually glorifies the work done by our police officers. The cases are pretty memorable, with many bizarre kind of murders. But deep down every murderer has a sad story. It is usually society that does not accept them properly, causing them to have mental disturbances and go the wrong way.

Perhaps as a society we should always be encouraging towards all members of society, making sure they don’t fall through the cracks in our system, so everyone can live a dignified life. We would then have less people going mentally insane, and hence less chances of seeing such sick murders. Ok this paragraph sounds not simple. Haha.

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