JDrama: Bloody Monday 2

I realized I never blogged about Bloody Monday Season 1. I forgot when I watched it, it might be last year I guess. Bloody Monday 2 is a continuation of season 1 only in the sense the characters are ported over, even the antagonists, but in this drama, the main antagonists are a different bunch of terrorists waiting to destroy Japan using a hydrogen bomb.

I enjoyed Bloody Monday 2 lesser than Bloody Monday 1, as I thought there were some fundamental flaws. I didn’t see the point of having the kids obtaining guns when they don’t really do anything to contribute to the main storyline. Neither did they inflict much damage to society.

Bloody Monday 2 continued on Bloody Monday 1’s suspense by continually making you wonder who the mole in the police force is, who the mysterious Spider is etc. But they first bring you through scenes that make you strongly feel that person A is the bad guy but in reality she is not. Then once you realize she is not, you wonder questions like “So why did she react this way at that point in time”, and you get confused.

But the main storyline is interesting, with many twist and turns as to what the real objective of the terrorists are. As usual, the key ingredient of the show is the hacking skills of Falcon, acted by Miura Haruma. It does seemed that everything can be hacked in this world of computers, and it questions on the capabilities of those who built the system in the first place. How can you have a Nuclear Facility that is not properly guarded and terrorists can just over-run it easily? And then from the nuclear facility, hackers can take over the control systems of other facilities? But I guess this is why the story is fiction. In reality it is much harder to achieve the same objectives using such a simple plan.

I am most disappointed with the ending of this drama. Many questions were left unanswered. Suddenly the mastermind of the whole terrorist plot is the main antagonist of season 1, and one of the terrorists of season 2 is loyal to him when all the other terrorists are killed either in an internal struggle or by the police? I do wonder if they are planning to release Bloody Monday Season 3 or at least a special episode to explain the loose ends.

It is still an interesting drama to watch when you have the time. 🙂

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