Second day of Taiwan

Alright, the hotel has wireless internet, although it is a little unstable now as compared to yesterday. I’m in 台中now. I arrived in Taiwan at 4.40, took a bus to the Tao Yuan station, kind of like an mrt but much faster to almost 300kmh. Kind of like a small bullet train.

Took the train to Tai Chung station where my dad’s colleague drove us to the hotel. It’s quite a nice place, pretty spacious. The toilet’s big too and the hotel service is very nice. But there’s no porn on the tv. Did my army friends lie when they found it in their hotel?.

When I landed in Taiwan and got out of the plane there’s this one smell which instantly told me I reached Taiwan. I didn’t know how to describe it but it’s quite a unique smell; it isn’t nice smelling but neither is it smelly. It’s just Taiwan as it is since 2005, which is the last time I was here.

We went to Feng Jia Night Market, where we had dinner and ate some road-side snacks. The Ji-Pa (haha not vulgarity ah) was quite nice, except it wasn’t the same as Shi-lin, which is good since I’ll probably get sick of it if I keep eating the same flavour.

The girls are teh as usual, can imagine how they speak all the time with the 哦 at the end of each sentence.

Oh when we reached the night market the first smell I can small is the smelly beancurd. Haha. Funny in a way it didn’t feel smelly although I still didn’t want to eat it. It wasn’t nice the otherr time around when I ate the fried version. The steamboat version was milder and nicer. Not as smelly when you bite into it.

Oh ya, was flipping though SQ’s entertainment list and it was quite nice to see both Aya (Azumi) and Maki (duno what’s the title) inside. So nice. I watched “Little Fockers” and “最强喜事” on the plane. The music list had AKB48 (not very nice songs) and SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” CD.

Saw Aya’s endorsement of Kose in one of the “Guardian”-like stores near the night market. Taiwan girls just have many different styles of dressing, it’s quite nice to see. Kind of like a bugis street in every town; maybe they should propose it as one of the GRC campaign promises. Lol.

Ok all those were not really in chronological order and quite random, but it’s just some minor updates. Hee.

2 thoughts on “Second day of Taiwan

  1. Enjoy ur trip! R u gg ye liu in taipei? The taiwan restaurants always got this smell of the vegetable wic I hated!

  2. Nope not going Ye Liu. I think I went there last time when I was in NS. Forgot liao. I have only been to one Taiwan restaurant and it’s a buffet steamboat so don’t have any smell. The rest of the time is just going to night markets. Haha. More of a smelly beancurd smell.

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