The Book Of Names

This novel’s central plot lies with this thing called “The Book Of Names”, and the religion behind it is closely linked to Madonna. Yes it’s Kabbala. Apparently, there are 36 special people in every generation, and the world will not end as long as these 36 people are alive. The thing is that the names of each generation’s 36 people have been written down since Adam’s time. It is through the good deeds that these 36 special people do that keeps the world from destruction.

The book has been found recently, but by evil hands. The Gnoseos, a group of people who wants to challenge God, has gotten it’s hands on the book of names, and is using the computer’s superior capabilities to find the names of each of the 36 people of this current generation, and the names are hidden in the book. At the start of the entire novel, The Gnoseos have killed 33 and only 3 remaining. They have to find the remaining 3 names and kill them to start the end of the world.

As more and more of the 36 are killed, the world falls into chaos. Natural disasters like wildfires start appearing. Think “The Day After Tomorrow” and you’ll be somewhat there. The mission now is to find out who the remaining 3 people are and save them.

David Shepard, a professor and the protagonist of the story, finds himself entangled in these whole issue when he realizes that the headaches he has gotten is giving him information. Everytime he has an headache, he writes down a name, and he finds out that these people are killed and did not die by natural causes. By talking to his priest, he starts a journey to find the remaining 3 names and save them, but when he does, he finds that the first non-dead name he comes out with is that of his step daughter.

Through the story, David has to evade the evil people, who have infiltrated many positions like ministers of a country or the ambassadors wife. He ends up having to find out the secret code to find out the names of the evil people from his diary, using the same method as how the evil people are finding the 36 names.

This book is pretty nice and exciting and it’s currently quite difficult to find it on the bookshelves because people are reserving it. The authors are Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori. When you search in the NLB website, search for Karen Tintori. I’ve tried searching for “The books of names” but it comes out everything OTHER than what I want.

Note: Written on Jul 25, 2008

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