William Bernhardt’s Dark Eye

This is the second book I have read from author William Bernhardt, and it preceeds the first book I read titled “Strip Search“. It’s a continuation based on the criminal psychologist and the autistic guy.

This time, the book Dark Eye is about this very sick man who’s suffering because of an early child abuse. He believes that by killing girls and sacrificing them, he will usher in the end of the world and into paradise. He chooses girls properly, following the stories wrote by Edgar Allan Poe, and murders them in the way the stories said. One girl is caught because she dyes her hair, wears fake nails and makeup. She ends up like one of the stories where the person is buried alive, except she didn’t make it out alive like the story.

Another notable victim is a girl who works at a dirty bar giving lap dances and well, extra services.

Susan Pulaski, the crimial psychologist, was sacked due to a drinking problem, and now works instead under a contact based job for the police. Together with the Chief’s autistic son Darcy, she investigates the crime and tries to find out the motive behind, whilst struggling with her alcohol problem at the same time.

She eventually ends up getting kidnapped by the psycho, and had nude photos of her taken in lewd positions. Eventually she is rescued by Darcy who finds out a deliberate clue left by the psycho. The psycho had wanted to just teach Susan a lesson, and he considers Susan the perfect vessel to carry out his final act of “deliverance”.

Eventually as more and more girls go missing, the heat is on the police to do something, except that the police has no clues. With Susan’s brain and Darcy’s help, Susan eventually narrowed down the location of the psycho, and rescues 4 girls including her very own niece whose supposed to replace Susan as the vessel.

This book is an exciting book and it has made me look for William Bernhardt’s book when I go to the library. However I think I can only find Dark Eye and Strip Search that belongs to stories with Susan and Darcy. Older William Bernhardt’s books have a different protagonist, Ben who is a lawyer.

Note: Written on Jul 25, 2008

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