Back from Taiwan

I had been back from Taiwan for a very long time now, since Tuesday 17th of May. I had been slacking a lot since then. Every weekday morning before we go explore Taiwan, at 9am, one of the TV channels showed the drama Dae Jang Geum, which I watched a very long time ago. I caught snippets of it from time to time, therefore, I thought I should just finish it when I get back to Singapore, since I own the DVD.

Hence I spent my holidays finishing the remaining episodes. I had watched episode 20+ in Taiwan, and I continued from then on to episode 70 in Singapore. I had just finished the entire drama.

I had uploaded my Taiwan photos onto Facebook, so friends of mine on Facebook can go and browse the photos. I would be blogging about my short holiday as the days go by, perhaps when I finish my final shifting of host for the website. At the moment I have shifted my site to a temporary host account belonging to my friend. The previous host account is going to expire in a few days time, and the new host account would only begin on the 1st of June. I’m countering a little problem with the old host, hence the migration isn’t that successful. Ah well it will soon be alright I guess.

The holidays have started a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t really done anything. Time to start learning new things and starting new projects of my own. Still brainstorming on what I should do at the moment.

Will update once everything is good!

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