Universal Studios Singapore


I am currently in universal studios Singapore blogging using my iPhone while waiting for my friends to be done with their rollercoaster ride. Yes I’m looking after the bags cause I don’t like roller coaster rides, and I get giddy and I would feel like liking after I am done with such rides. Probably why I can never be a fighter pilot or a weapons systems officer. Haha.

The photo above was taken right below the roller coaster themed “Battlestar Galactica”. There’s two colours to ride on: red for humans and blue for cylons. Red is the normal roller coaster and blue is the suspended one where you can end up with your head pointing to the ground.

Perhaps you might ask, why go to universal studios when you can’t take part in the rides. I’m just here to see the place and take part in the milder rides or the performances they put up. Anyway I paid $46 for the tickets as there is this lady who is a staff there so she is entitled to staff discounts. No she is not so nice because I am handsome but because she wanted to exchange her $100 voucher for cash and we did it for her. We were originally going to use the NTUC discount which would result in $50 per ticket. So it Kwan additional amount of money saved I guess?

Universal Studio Singapore is a very small place, and there are not many rides, so it is not that interesting. I guess the Osaka one would be much bigger and better? You can finish walking the grounds in 1 hour if you take a leisurely stroll. More of the time is spent waiting for the attractions.

Perhaps, I am not a theme park kind of person as I don’t really like theme parks? I foresee myself coming very rarely and I would hate to come if there’s only roller coasters and nothing else. Haha.

There are a lot of people despite being a weekday. It is the last day of school for MOE students, perhaps their parents took them out of school? There are a lot of poly or uni students here; or people of their age I guess.

I’m looking forward to buying the popcorn outside universal studios and perhaps buying something from the Hershey’s shop.

Although I didn’t take most of the rides, it is an enjoyable day nonetheless. It felt like I’m a tourist walking about. It is a good feeling that is hard to feel in Singapore. Haha.

Ah well. The weather is so hot. Hope my friends come out soon. Haha. =)

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