Entering Jinzen

Jinzen – a term coined in the popular Anime series Bleach, is the process in which a Shinigami communicates with his weapon or Zanpakuto. In some ways, I like to think that their weapon is an extension to their souls, and hence it is part of who they are. Therefore what I meant by the title “Entering Jinzen” is to get into a state of calm where you feel at ease with yourself and hence you can “communicate” with your soul.

Where the traditional method of entering Jinzen in the anime is to place your Zanpakuto over your lap or in front of you (see insert image), humans perhaps have a variety of ways to go into your own state of calm. Some people might choose to do Yoga, some might sit down and listen to their favourite music, or others may prefer to go for a short jog round the neighbourhood.

I can’t seem to concentrate and reflect when I am listening to my favourite music, as I would be enjoying the sounds than entering a state of calm. Jogging is also out of the question since you have to concentrate else risk hitting fellow joggers or cyclists. Occasionally you have to look at the traffic when you cross a small road.

So my preferred method of choice is the swimming pool, where there are not many people in the pool. This gives me the time to relax and think about whats happening, even giving me the time to think of new ideas and concepts. I don’t have to worry if there’s someone else interrupting my pool session since no one really swims since they are all at work.

But the main thing is this: Swimming allows me to shut off from noises coming from the world today. You can’t really hear what’s going on above water when you are in the water. So one of your senses can afford to relax – you won’t get disturbed too.

Plus there’s something about getting into the water and having that sense of buoyancy that makes it really relaxing. In addition, you do not tire yourself out as easily as if you went for a jog.

So I entered Jinzen today in the pool, and I came out happy, relaxed, and excited. I’m going to change the look of my blog – finally.

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