New Computer

I’ve just bought a new computer courtesy of Zong Yao as he helped to select the various parts that form the CPU. Other than the monitor and a graphics card, I bought the rest of the components, including speakers, keyboard, mouse and the CPU. It’s an i5 processor at 3.30GHz with an 8GB RAM. So far it has already been using RAM more than what my previous laptop can handle, and I can at last enjoy the Aero interface properly, although it’s really not a big deal.

I went to Wai Kit’s house early morning yesterday as we are using his car for the day and he has no driving license. We then drove to Toa Payoh to pick Zong Yao and Jia Hao up, before going to Toa Payoh Central for lunch. It has been a long time since I was there, and some things haven’t changed since, while some parts like the underground food court has already been renovated. We had prawn mee for lunch, $11 for the four of us as we ate the buy one get one free prawn mee deal.

Next we drove on to Sim Lim Square to check out the prices of each components and find the best deal. Actually Zong Yao did the work as he is the one who understands all the parts of the computer. We then made our purchase and had to wait about 3 hours for both computers to be assembled for us. There are two computers as he also bought a computer with the same configuration sans the keyboard, mouse and speakers.

We went to Burger King (seems like the typical chill out point whenever we go to Sim Lim Square) and I had a regular Coke + waffle cone ice cream. As usual, Jia Hao ate a MEAL for a snack. We walked around Sim Lim Square to kill more time before collecting our computers. Then we drove to my home to drop off my new computer, and then drove back to Wai Kit’s house.

Since the car isn’t mine, I had to take a bus home again, reaching home at about 8.10pm. Then I had dinner before setting up my computer and installing Windows 7 on it. Then I went to install all the various programs I had in my laptop that I wanted to use in my new computer. I realized that there were many engineering software installed that I would probably not use, so there were not many vital programs to install. I suppose it is time to also install Visual Studio and build my Financial Tool.

I’m happy with my new computer as it is much faster and better than my laptop, which is unfortunately dying slowly. I hope that I can use this computer for 5 years at least. 🙂

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