Slight modifications

I’ve done up some slight modifications to my blog. I guess that was rather redundant to say since anyone who reads my blog would probably realize the change in the colour from black based to white based. I have had that design for a very long time already. When I checked the CSS file, it seemed that it was created in 2007, although I didn’t think it was that long. I thought it was in 2009 or something. Should be about 2 years already.

I poured through some books and websites to come up with my design. It took me a long time to come up with a new design because I was procrastinating. Since my new computer came and I installed my Adobe CS4 on my computer, I thought I might as well do it.

It is considered a slight modification because most of the parts are still under construction, especially the links at the top. This is because I have not created those site yet. I have also not properly done up the side bar, as well as the about me page, which probably needs a lot of updating and planning. I want this new design to encompass who I am as an individual. This blog will not only be a blog but a home page. I have also decided to blog more regularly, although I might find it difficult once work begins.

Since I have already bought a new computer, it is also time to learn C# to start building my financial planner software. Hopefully it would be good to use and other people can then use it to plan their finances as well. I dare not hope people will use it, but as long as it makes my life easier, I suppose why not? It would also be an interesting experience that I can talk about with other people, although it is a rather nerdy topic. I don’t go around telling people I can design simple websites, and that I once created a tuition site. Some people might be impressed but some might just think “meh”.

Overall I hope to finish the design of the blog within the next few days. Hopefully I can then begin programming my software by next week!

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