Cold stone creamery


I went to watch Kong Fu Panda 2 (that’s for another post) with Keira yesterday. After the rather short (1hr 30mins max) and albeit disappointing movie, we just went to try the Cold Stone Creamery located in Orchard Central. After trying the ice cream there, I think I wouldn’t want to go to the 313 one. I can’t even remember the name of that stall because it is just so normal.

The queue is long when I went there, probably due to the fact that it is now the school holiday season so all the ginnas are out in full force. The ordering system is slightly different from the usual ice cream places where you just order.

Imagine an L shape counter where you are at the bottom of the L. That’s the place where they ask you what ice cream you want. After telling them the flavour, size and waffles choice, you move to the vertical part of the L where the same attendant will mix your choice for you. Hence at busy times, you can stay at the bottom of the L for a very long time before anyone serves you. After collecting your ice cream, you move to the top of the L shape counter to pay, and then go to the seat of your choice to enjoy your ice cream selection.

It has a nice cosy environment. There is a horizontal shelf like table mounted onto the wall and many tall chairs for you to sit. Alternatively you can opt for the usual sofa chairs and short table combination which is quite comfortable. The only downside is that they don’t serve plain water! Which is quite dampening as after eating all those brownies, nuts and waffles, you tend to be quite thirsty. Most of the ice cream outlets do put out jugs of tap water and plastic disposable cups so you can self service ya, but Cold Stone just doesn’t have them.

In the picture above, I had the Founder’s Favourite, which is Sweet Cream Ice Cream with pecans, brownises, fudge and something else which I forgot. Their sizes choices are not the usual small medium large, but “Like It”, “Love It” and the last one I forgot. Mine was the “Love It” size, and I added plain waffles for a dollar. The total cost me less than 9 dollars, and it is really worth it.

Everyone should really go try it out one day. 🙂

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