The DSTA 10 outing

The DSTA 10, which is how I named the 10 of us who went for Industrial Attachment last year, meet up for food and ice cream tonight. It had been longed planned; the last time we met as a group was on the last day of our Industrial Attachment and we went for a round of drinks.

It was a time of nice catching up, although not all of the 10 are there; there are only 7 of us, and the HR ladies who helped us during the IA was there as well. Hence it became some kind of informal feedback session about the process of applying for a job at DSTA in our final semester.

We went to Saizeriya, apparently a Japanese restaurant selling Italian food like pasta and pizza. The branch that we went was the City Square mall one, at Farrer Park Mrt on the NEL or purple line. The food wasn’t that great, or rather it sucked, but it is cheap so I guess it’s not that bad huh?

I had the mushroom soup, which was so-so. I liked the Reeds Cafe one at NUS better. I also had the seafood spagetti, which plainly sucked because the seafood wasn’t fresh and the tomato sauce didn’t enter the noodles so the taste was just meh. There was this thing where you can add $2.40 for free flow of drinks, but the drinks was just not up to standard. The soft drinks are not fizzy enough and tasted rather plain. Overall a disappointment; probably saved by its price.

It’s nice to catch up with everyone again. It seemed that only one of us went back to DSTA to work out of the ten.

Of the ten:
1 back to DSTA
4 Air Engineering Officers
1 possibly LTA under MRT branch
1 in Keppel FELS
1 in HDB
1 in Singapore Power
1 in the midst of applying for the Singapore Police Force

It’s a little weird how we didn’t end up going back to DSTA. One of the reasons is that they gave some of us a really hard time during the first interviews, so much so that it was appalling to see the difference in the intensity of the interviews. Being a former intern does not give any privileges too.

In another weird way, all but 1 is working in the private sector? Ok maybe 2, since Singapore Power is also private. The rest are in the civil service. I wonder if it has anything to do with our initial decision to join DSTA as an intern.

But no matter what, it does seem that it would be hard to meet up again once we all started working. Perhaps we would be so overwhelmed with work that the next time we meet is at least a year later?

Hopefully we’ll still find in ourselves the energy to come together and catch up. Perhaps a few of us would be driving already by then.

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