There’s this Marche/Shokudo style Western restaurant at the Basement of Orchard Central. B2 if I am not wrong. We went there for the Delta gathering.

The concept goes like this: You get an RFID card for each individual and you use the card to “pay” for the items you ordered. You are then given an electronic device which beeps and vibrates when your food is ready. Then you bring that device along with your receipt to collect your food. This results in 0 service charge, which is good. At the end of the meal, you take the RFID card that contains the data on which items you ordered to do a real payout.

I ordered a roast beef at $15, and it is a little small in my opinion. It feels like fine dining to me, and it won’t make anyone full. The taste is great though. It is really medium as I ordered, and I enjoyed the beef very much. Much better than the stupid Blooies steak that cost like $40++.

So I got this waffle ice cream desset which I thought was rather expensive on hindsight. The waffles cost $6.50 and a single scoop of ice cream costs $3.30. For $9.80 I could probably get a waffle + 2 scoops of ice cream at Venezia?

They had this 1 for 1 beer promotion. I ordered an Erdinger. Somehow the taste didn’t make me happy. The beer from a bottle tastes very different from beer coming from a tap. I missed the tap based Erdinger that I had last year at the end of my DSTA internship. Perhaps beer is best drunk from a tap in a bar.

They are currently having this DBS/POSB card promotion, where all items other than the beer (since it is already effectively 50% off) is at 25% off. Hence I paid about $26 for my meal, which wasn’t too expensive. However if it were any more expensive I might have felt that it isn’t worth it.

I guess I prefer Shokudo more. I am ultimately a more Japanese style person, and I have some food that I like there. I kind of missed the ham and cheese omelette.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I should probably remember to utilize my iphone photos more.

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