Drama: 杨门女将

I watched this drama as a continuation to the supposed prequel, Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang. There were some continuity in the sense that it made sense why the prequel would end that way abruptly. In the prequel, Si Lang became the consort of the Liao Kingdom, which I thought was weird that it would end that way, but it paved for the story in this drama. However the reasons for becoming the consort were vastly different, probably so that the prequel could end in that one episode without dragging it too much. It also explained why they abruptly allowed Wu Lang to become a monk, although in this drama they didn’t seem to have the same reason as to why he became one.

This drama largely focuses on the woman remaining in the Yang family. Where Du Jin Er is supposed to have joined the Yang Family at the end of the prequel, she only comes in a few episodes into the drama where she meets everyone for the first time. Somehow after watching this drama, I just feel that the woman in this family are a sad bunch. Their husbands all seem to in the battle field.

Zong Bao, who is Liu Lang’s son, died a few “weeks” after marrying Mu Gui Ying. Which was rather sad, although they allowed her to be pregnant so that the family has a heir. Ba Mei’s long loved Yang An also died before they had a chance to go back and marry. It is a rather sad story which told of the sacrifice made by the Yang family to ensure peace and prosperity in their homeland.

The story has this typical villian inside the imperial palace who sways the emperor’s judgement, and this villian is removed in the middle of the drama in a good fashion. The villian is replaced by this priest who can create weird formations that make people lose themselves when they enter it, resulting in huge losses. This might be a reason why I didn’t like this drama as compared to the prequel; they are fighting against this superstitious thing which doesn’t really exist in real life as opposed to honestly fighting a battle through wits and valour.

The ending was also abrupt, with Ba Mei and Gui Ying being conferred titles, along with the grandma She Tai Jun who is the mother in the prequel. It just didn’t feel as nice as the prequel, although less people lost their lives. Since it is a female oriented drama, the females in the show didn’t die, but I still felt sorry for them because they were all widowed at a young age.

Overall it was a great story of the Yang family, whose patriotism, sense of righteousness, and honour shone throughout. Their loyalty to the throne and compassion towards the citizens of the country were something that we should all learn from. It is this sense of honour which I thought I should seek to emulate, and ensure the prosperity and safety of my own country.

2 thoughts on “Drama: 杨门女将

  1. Haha the tian men zhen in history is a very powerful formation with little weakness. But I must admit the drama made it look so phony, become magic.

  2. Haha you leave a comment from Taiwan! Ya it looks like some magical mystical thing, so i was quite disappointed.

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