Lim Kopi with an old friend

I had a lim-kopi session with an old friend whom I haven’t met in a few months. We would go out for supper once every few months just to catch up and talk. It is indeed boring staying at home all the time, so I was glad to be able to go meet him for a chat.

And then the first shock came when I realized he got attached. It’s like all of a sudden, although I soon realized I was at fault for not noticing his new facebook photo; although there wasn’t any faces in that photo, but the nature of the objects in the photo gave some clues. But that isn’t the point of my blog post.

Through talking I realized my friend is kind of a free spirit; I’m not sure how free spirited he is as compared to Georgie, but he is quite a spontaneous person in the sense that he might go on holidays without planning much details like where to go; whereas I am the type to plan so that I know where I can possibly go. I like the feel of being in control.

Which brings me to my main point, that is, your partner has to be similar to you in these sort of character issues. I mean, if your partner is someone who likes everything planned nicely, then she is probably not going to be happy with a spontaneous trip where nothing is planned. So you will end up having to look for someone with the same temperament?

And that it is not wrong if your partner feels differently; they just have different ideas from you. 🙂

Ok I do not know what is the point of writing this in a blog, but I just thought I’ll share this quite duh observation. Kthxbye.

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