Food For Thought

Yesterday (or the day before, since I foresee myself posting this post after midnight), I went to this restaurant called Food For Thought which was situated along 8 Queen Street, just beside the Singapore Arts Museum. I provided the link right there in this paragraph. There is another branch at North Bridge Road and apparently they have separate menus for both locations.

Anyway what’s a post without photos (I’ve been trying to add more photos into my posts).

Calamari, prawn and salmon risotto

Shitake and mushroom risotto

Garlic Prawns with Coriander Linguine

Potato Gratin with Garlic Mushroom

There’s a missing photo of Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine though cause the person who took the photo didn’t upload it due to an oversight.

Anyway reviews! I ate the Garlic Prawn pasta, and I must say it wasn’t fantastic for the price. The linguine was a little hard but the taste was alright. The prawns were just so-so and didn’t impress. My friend said his linguine wasn’t good as well. The others mentioned that the Risotto was overpriced. Hence I guess it is not a good place to be?

Ambiance wise it is a nice place to chat. The table is those old school concrete slabs with square tiles. There are unique decorations all around the place. The waiters are reasonably attentive though since the place is small. But if you were looking to feel happy from your meal, this is not the place I would recommend.

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