Some photos of commencement

I thought I should just share some photos of my commencement which are taken mainly from friend’s camera. I took it off Facebook and shrunk it so that it doesn’t take up too much space and would load faster on my reader’s screens. The photos are just there to brighten up my seemingly boring and wall-of-text-ish blog.

(Left to Right) Ci Zhuan, Yan Ling, me and Nelson


My sister and I


(Left to Right) Matthew, Wee Howe, Taiman, Yanling, me, Nelson, Bernard


The photo they took of us right after receiving the empty scroll holder from the Dean – $8


The 16 year long awaited Degree Scroll – My pride and joy


Ernest the Bear

That’s it. Not much words, just a post with a few photos. The rest you can see from my Facebook provided my friends didn’t restrict the privacy settings.

6 thoughts on “Some photos of commencement

  1. Wow congrats on your first class hons!! Could you share some of your golden rules to get a first class hons? i’m doing a private degree right now and would really like to achieve a first class hons.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. I’ll e-mail you directly some of the lessons I have, but I am not sure if it would be able to help you get your first class hons.

  3. hello! thanks!

    i haven’t known who you are yet. Since we have already graduated, why not just let me know who you are?

  4. hey bro, im kendrick. same batch as you in NUS, but in mechanical engineering. Signing on to be AFE too. lol… awaiting actual contract signing now. RSAF HR very slow….

  5. Hi Kendrick,

    do be patient. I had a long wait for RSAF HR to process my application before giving me a contract. The main idea of how they work is that they process you all by batches, hence you have to wait until more people give them a reply on their offer. Would you be choosing to start work soon? If so, I guess I would see you really soon as you post in. 🙂 At that time, please do refresh my memory if I don’t remember you!

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