Doing a good deed with the money you earn

Have you ever thought about giving back to society? In a way, I feel grateful for whatever society has given me. I had a great life (possibly due to my optimistic nature that sees everything as a good thing rather than a bad thing), having gotten a great education and grades along the way, meeting many new people, getting in and out of relationships, getting a wonderful job that pays well. It does look like Life is Great (alright that sounds Great Eastern-y). But the main point is, since a few months ago, I thought about giving a small portion of my salary back to society in the form of charity. I wanted a convenient way where I can donate my money monthly like an auto-deduction mechanism. An effortless way to give back to society.

Many modern charitable organizations provide such services. NKF, for one, has been collecting donations ($5 a month?) since many years ago, from the TT Durai era up till now. However since charities have gotten a major hit from the numerous sagas (Golden Tap in Durai’s office & Horses as pets + porn collection in Ren Ci), confidence in the charity industry has been hit, hard.

I wasn’t actively looking for a charity to help, since I haven’t gotten my pay yet. However I guess it must be fate that a charity volunteer approached me as I entered the outskirts of Lakeside MRT station. I was wondering if she was an insurance salesperson and was about to tell them that I have already settled my insurance needs with a really wonderful agent (more about this in another post), when I saw that it wasn’t an insurance company but the Singapore Cancer Society.

Since I had already stopped to listen, plus cancer treatment is a real pain in the ass to pay, I decided to help in whatever way I can, since God gave me such a wonderful opportunity to sort out my life in terms of having this job with this pay. My take home pay was already higher than many other people’s gross pay, so I might as well use the extra bit of money for some good. Hence I decided to give $38 monthly to the Singapore Cancer Society payable through my credit card. I was rather apprehensive as I think I am going to change a credit card soon, but the nice lady informed me that I could just make a call anytime to update the credit card number, so I thought it would be alright.

That said, I am not a person who would just blindly give. I would then continue to read up on what the cancer society does, and hopefully find some more information on how it allocates its funds. They did inform me on how the funds are allocated, but I want to find an image or something that I can put up. If one day I find that another charity is more in need of the money, then I would switch charities.

Besides, $38 a month is the lowest figure available. If one day I get a pay increase, perhaps I would be able to give more too. Either that, or give towards another charity of my choice. Maybe one day when I am down on my luck, someone else would show kindness to me and help me through tough times too.

If you are a recent fresh graduate from a local university, do consider giving a small part of your salary (1-2%) to a charity that you think will benefit from the money. We are all able to fork out this little percentage of money to help the people who need the help. Considering the amount of subsidies given to us by the government in terms of education, health care etc, this is one way in which we can help our society take care of people who are less fortunate. This 1-2% would definitely be less than the subsidies that we have all enjoyed as we grew up to become young adults and fine people of Singapore. I urge you to start thinking about this and start doing. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Doing a good deed with the money you earn

  1. yayy! good job:D haha they didnt let me donate last time i was stopped cos i wasnt 21 yet hahha. but yayy, a compassionate senior i have ;D

  2. lol mellyrocks..
    soon you will be 21! i kept forgetting that you are all not yet 21 years old. haha. when you start working do give a portion of your salary to charity yeah. I see it as giving thanks for having the ability to earn a steady monthly income.

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