Majulah Singapura

And so, today is our country’s birthday, and hence a public holiday; a day where many people get to rest an extra day to recharge themselves, and a day where only a minority few would actually bother to feel strongly for Singapore. Or have I actually been led to feel so marginalized? At least most of my Facebook friends seem polite; those who like Singapore wished Singapore a happy birthday whilst those who might not have the same patriotic sentiments take care not to voice them out in this happy little day.

I can’t say the same for the other “fan-page” entities online. When the administrator asked what the best part of NDP was to the readers, most replied that it was to not watch it at all, or that they went to JB etc. Which is really not cool, cause even if you didn’t like the administration, you don’t have to say it on a day like this. It’s the Nation’s birthday folks, not any political parties’ founding day.

Today is a day many, or some at least, feel happy for ourselves as a nation, and at least some sense of pride in terms of our progress or even our home team and armed forces. The parade segment took me through many hats I once wore or am currently wearing. As a guardsmen I felt the sense of pride as the parade commander and Chief of Defence Force wore the Khaki beret today. I also felt the pride that I had as the Guardsmen rappelled down the tower when they were activated. Although, we don’t really do that for operations. -.- And then as the Terrex rolled out, I recall the days I interned at DSTA when I got a chance to visit and see the Terrex and even ride in it. And as the naval helicopters came into view, lowering their sonar into the water, and the Apache doing the tight turn as well as the roaring past of the F15, it made me feel some sense of pride as a member of the RSAF.

In fact, the entire parade gave me a new thing to think about. That we were always a society of immigrants. That we overcome adversities and challenges in our lives and then we bonded together. There wasn’t so much of a you and me; that we’re from different countries and stuff. And we survived, and hey, perhaps that is the way we have always been, just that the newer batch of immigrants seemed to be hard to integrate with, and a slew of other problems. 😦

But I guess this is globalization, an effect where we have to live with in this world today. We should just probably fine tune ourselves so we can all live happily ever after.

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