Everything with Fries

I went to Everything with Fries a few days ago on a Friday, just to try this restaurant out since a couple of my friends have already tried it, and it is supposedly good and cheap, so there I was at the Holland Village outlet.

A few things to say before I put up the photos of the food as well as my comments. The car park is a killer. It is very hard to find a car park slot on Friday in Holland Village, so be sure to have lots of time to spare if you are intending to park there. Once you exit from the car park, with the food center to the left, turn left and walk in all the way and you will see “Everything with Fries”.

Vanilla Milk Shake & Strawberry Milk Shake

The Vanilla Milk Shake is good. Personally I always pick the Vanilla Milk Shake whenever I see it in different restaurants, although I was also deciding whether to choose the Butterscotch one instead in Everything with Fries. My date chose the Strawberry Milk Shake and according to her it is a little too sweet, and that it is perfect when you mix one mouthful of the Strawberry Milk shake and one mouthful of the Vanilla Milk Shake. The milk shake damages about $4.90++.

Wild NZ King Salmon – Fries changed to Baby Caesar salad

The Wild NZ King Salmon is super delicious, in my opinion. This is what my date chose, which is why it’s filled with salad instead of fries; a healthier choice. The salmon literally melts in your mouth; it’s that soft. I would have wished I ordered that as well. Damage: $18.90++. Super awesome

Battered Fish Sandwich – Fries & Baby Caesar Salad

The Battered Fish Sandwich was so-so. Two mushroom slices with delicious cheese below the first bread, but the fish that is in the center isn’t that nice. I don’t feel shiok eating the battered fish, and in my opinion it pales in comparison with the ones in Manhattan Fish Market. Damage: $13.90.

The ambiance in Everything with Fries isn’t great. Voices bounce off the walls and it is just so noisy. It doesn’t feel like a good place to sit and chat for some time. In a way it just felt like a place where you eat and then leave. Haha. Guess I wouldn’t be coming here anytime soon unless it is some gathering, of which I would probably recommend somewhere else.

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