Running around NTU

I haven’t been running my usual training with the AFEs since I fell sick last week and got so feverish that I thought it best not to over exert myself lest I fall sick again. Hence it had actually been more than a week since I actually ran and trained myself.

Running began at my house as I met Chubang at the main gate of my condo. We ran all the way along the MRT track to Boon Lay to meet up with zai sir and the three of us proceeded to run towards Pioneer MRT and head towards NTU via the Pioneer road entrance.

We ran an entire round round NTU, from the Pioneer Road entrance up to the Jalan Behar entrance to NIE where the live firing area is. I could hear the live firing going on and it sure brings back memories. Up the stupid NTU slope and then down slope all the way past the Chinese Heritage center, hall 4 and hall 1 and finally ending at hall 2.

After plotting the route on runkeeper, they estimate it to be 9.49km. A good run, a little slow since there’s up slopes that are so insane, but I had a great time. I sweat a little too much but I guess I felt happy sweating it all out. 🙂

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