Fish Head Curry

I went on a date to eat some Fish Head curry last Wednesday because I had a craving for it on the previous Sunday (which is coincidentally, Singapore Curry Day). You got to admit all those curry photographs they posted on Facebook were really good to look at. It seems that you cannot go wrong with curry in our little nation.

It had been a long time since I had fish head curry, so I wanted to enjoy myself eating it. I couldn’t forget the taste I had of the previous fish head curry that I ate, and I wanted to satisfy my craving. Joyce had went to google to find out the different places that we could go to eat Fish Head Curry, and this site recommends a place on Beach Road (see inserted map) called the Coral Village Bistro.

You cannot get lost, for after you exit from Nicole Highway mrt station, you take the overhead bridge where you can go over a main road, and that’s the road where you have to walk along to find the place. It isn’t exactly very accessible since the circle line isn’t used by many people still, so considering default main mrt lines, it is inaccessible. Ok skewed logic but then less people would find such an area if they didn’t explore around.

Here’s the Indonesia Fish Head Curry. It was good to satisfy the craving, and the fish is great too, but somehow it is just missing a little something. Joyce says a little more spiciness would be good. I guess so, and maybe a little more sour taste? I guess this isn’t exactly a great place, else it would have had more people. When we left, we were the only customers there, and not to mention that they do not accept credit card for bills lesser than $50. Who takes out $30+ for sure all the time?

There is a nice Korean shop that sells stuff from Korea opposite the concourse, and you can find many nice biscuits and packaged pastries there. 🙂

All in all a nice time exploring the place, and decent food was provided. What can I ask for more?

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