The decreased blogging capacity

As with all new transitions, my blogging capacity always drops once something new begins in my life that takes up a significant portion of my time. Last year it was the dreaded FYP that killed off the time, energy and joy that I derived from blogging my hearts out in a single setting. This time it was the starting of my career, my job, that did it. Although I had more time than FYP, that’s for sure, but the laziness you get when you transit just simply took over.

And why did I emphasize on a single setting? Somehow I found out that if I had left my blogging halfway to go grab something to eat whilst watching television (like my fish head curry post yesterday), the mood to blog would be gone and I would just conclude haphazardly. The post would then look as though it was done by some retard who just simply couldn’t write / have any talent for writing; not that I can boast of having any.

But all these should change. Should. I’m hoping that I would start blogging more about the places I have been or the food that I have been eating. It doesn’t help that I’m camera-less when I am out due to the nature of my job requiring me to lug a non-camera hand-phone around. Pictures just simply paint a thousand words.

It does help when you found someone who will accompany / bring you around places. Or simply put, it is not fun to go out alone to eat, so having someone there that wants to go out with you really opens up a myriad of opportunities in terms of dining. Joyce and I would be going to Nantsuttei (again cause we really loved it), massage (no photos, duh, rolls eyes) and then Bakerzin tonight cause she got the voucher from a deal site. I usually wait until she uploads the photos on Facebook before downloading them for this site, so you would have to wait for any of such posts.

Deal sites have been helpful in saving money (or not). In a way if you get really good deals, you can have your meals cheaper ($9.80 for a 12 inch pizza in a shop that doesn’t appear in all shopping malls!) and with better ambiance too. But on the other hand, one might buy something that is more expensive than their average meal prices simply because it is in a deal manner. I don’t mind, really, since sometimes we would get to try out many new things that we wouldn’t have been able to try. Besides, we get to enjoy time together, so it makes it all worth it.

But honestly, deal sites help give you ideas on where to go and what to do on dates. If I asked the guys to kee chiu (hands-up) if they have had trouble thinking of where to go on a date and what to eat, I guess almost all of us would have to raise our hands. Somehow we just suck at such things. In my JC gang, we needed many rounds of conversations before deciding on a single outing. As a result, we don’t meet up THAT often.

However deal sites are so abundant in ideas that it is as if there’s a thriving community of dating experts giving you tips on where to go and what to eat! Of course, do not subscribe to just one. I have had Groupon, JuzToday and some other sites like VoucherWow (if I remember correctly) send me daily mails on what deals there are. There are other sites though. Sites like does provide deals from time to time. I saw a hotel hi-tea buffet deal for UOB cards (yay to my new UOB One Card) that’s half price, so you pay about $44 per pax for the meal (or is it $44 per couple, I forgot). I didn’t buy it because eventually I forgot about it until the time went off. Luckily though, the girlfriend did say that the seafood selection during Hi-Tea is so much lesser than the dinner one, giving me some comfort of not snagging that deal.

Let me know if you learnt something new about me in this post. Somehow after changing my dp, only one additional friend realized something new came up in my life. Perhaps I’m just too boring to read huh? 😛

3 thoughts on “The decreased blogging capacity

  1. lol… here also have very subtle declarations liao. the post below also. 😛

    your life updates more interesting to read… *cough*

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