Joyce and I went to Bakerzin for a meal last Tuesday, which was a public holiday thanks to the Hari Raya celebrations (Yay for being a multi-racial multi-cultural society). We went there because of the $20 voucher that she bought from deal websites for the cost of $10. She bought two vouchers so we had a $40 off for the cost of $20.

We ordered two mains, the Japanese Curry Chicken Rice (top photo) (I’m not too sure the exact names, but it’s obvious from the menu which dishes I’m referring to if you ever take a look at their menu) as well as this Cheesy Seafood thingie (see next photo) (sorry bad memory for the name, but similarly, you can’t miss this).

We agreed that the Japanese Curry Rice thing wasn’t fantastic, so you can give it a miss (hence the name wasn’t important yeah). The rice was a little hard, though you would expect soft rice since its Japanese style yeah? The chicken was normal and the curry tasted like what I can get out of the NUS Arts Canteen. The cheese pasta dish, however, was much better. The seafood tastes nice with the right degree of moisture. The pasta was a little hard at the top since its baked, but the bottom ones were perfect. It is watery as there’s still some “soup” left in the bottom. A much better dish, although I think it’s nothing to exclaim over. It’s just better by comparison.

Joyce ordered the Iced Americano, which is essentially coffee with a scoop of ice cream. We didn’t really like it a lot; personally I thought ice cream float drinks taste nicer if it was fizzy drinks instead of coffee.

I ordered the Lime Sorbet drink which is a mix of some lime thing and 7-up/Sprite (don’t know which one) with a scoop of ice cream. I liked the slight sour taste of the sorbet, and when mixed with the drink itself produced a very refreshing and distinctive taste which the both of us enjoyed very much. She was the one who ordered the better dish for the food, and I was the one who ordered the better one for the drink, so we joked that we should just let her decide on the food while I decide on future drinks. Haha.

For dessert we had the Oreo Cheesecake which was really good imo. Joyce makes very good Oreo Cheesecakes too; they have different styles and both taste superb. For this one the oreo forms the crust mainly (top and bottom), and for hers, the oreo is also mixed into the cheese cake portion. I think Bakerzin really makes good desserts.

The Raspberry Panna Cotta was something else we also ordered. It’s like a milk pudding that tastes great. It is not like the milk pudding I had in taiwan; this is more “sticky”. Both has its merits!

In all, I felt that people should be going to Bakerzin more for it’s desserts rather than the main course. Their desserts are the main draw; eat the main courses if you’re lazy to find another restaurant.

And to end off this blog post, this is what Joyce wrote on the Panna Cotta plate. 🙂

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